Tips For Choosing a Family Tent When Traveling

Family tents come very handy when you are camping in the open with your family during hiking trips or jungle camping. These tents are also ideal for bracing up against had weather and hence act as a last minute resort during expeditions. Modern tents are laced with features that make them easy to carry and use.traveling with a tent

Be Sure to Ask Questions!

Before purchasing family tents you need to ask a few questions that will help you make the right choice. For example, you might want to know how many people the tent should accommodate. You can choose larger tents for 4 or more people or smaller tents for two people. In fact, some tents can provide partitions and room dividers as well if at all privacy is required.

Although you would want your tent to be reliable and sturdy, you have to take a call on how strong it has to be based on the kind of weather you can expect. Sturdier tents can withstand stronger winds and rain, compared to normal tents, which are ideal for sleeping in the open but, cannot withstand harsh climatic conditions.

That also means you have to pick your family tents based on how frequently you might use them and the kind of wear and tear that the tents have to undergo.

Family Tents with Storage Space

You might want to consider quality family tents that are designed with storage space in corners with handy features like special compartments for airbeds that you may need. These storage features allow you to use the tents not just for sleeping but for also stuffing some of the other important items you need while camping like blankets and airbeds.

The Material of the Tent

Some family tents are made of tough taffeta walls that can stand upright in strong gusts of wind. There are tents made from oxford nylon that can provide a durable floor which can keep the water from seeping inside which is a useful feature when it is raining. There are spacious tents, providing space for as many as 12 campers, made of waterproof material like nylon or welded polyethylene. Sometimes tents come with fiberglass windows as well for additional protection.

The Ceiling

Those who want something cozy and easy to carry go for dome tents which are smaller. There are other tents which have straight walls and higher ceilings for bigger groups, especially when the campers want to avoid a claustrophobic feel. The bigger tents, in fact, come with several exit and entry points to make it easy for multiple people to enjoy their privacy, relax and move in or out without disturbing others.

Special Features

When you are purchasing family tents you might want to pay attention to some of the special features. This includes mesh windows for free ventilation, zippered top flaps in case one wants to enjoy the night sky, 2-pole design for easily setting it up, adjustable ventilation and preferably an electric access port. There could be several other features such as carry bag with storage space for the stakes.

Choosing the Best Place for Accommodation

private villa

When you plan a vacation, you will want to consider several areas. It is important that you consider the hotels or apartments that you select for your stay because it could be an extra nice treat away from work. As you consider where you should stay, you will want to consider the cost, amenities, condition, location, and customer service.

Cost is probably the trait that will come to mind first as you look for the right hotels. Some websites might offer good deals on nice locations, but you will want to do some checking to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. Take the time to call around for price comparisons so that you can get a reasonable deal.

Amenities are another consideration as you look for places that are right for you to stay on your vacation. You might be hoping for an indoor pool, hot tub, exercise room, and a kitchenette. Room service and a Jacuzzi tub in your room might also be things that you will want to have during your stay.

The condition of the hotel or private villa that you stay in should also be a consideration. You will want to make sure that they are not outdated, they are clean, and they are a comfortable place to stay. You can find out about these areas by reading reviews of the various places. Search online and read cautiously since not everything you read will be accurate.

Location will be another factor to consider as you try to find the right places to stay. When you do not know much about the cities on the way to your vacation location, you might want to do some research so that you do not end up staying in an unsafe neighborhood. A nice franchise is not necessarily a guarantee that the area is safe.

Customer service should also be considered. You can read reviews, but you should also try to give the hotels a call. Talk to someone at each of the places that you are considering in order to check if they have their act together. Some places will let anyone work at their business. You will want to go someplace that cares about their customers and hires employees who care as well.

However, most travelers having a vacation for long duration prefer renting apartments. The apartments come with more benefits than the hotels. But still when renting, you apply the same tips.

One benefit is that it gives you the feeling of being at home. Mostly, it contains an equipped kitchen. Also, you can share with your colleagues and still spend a wonderful vacation. Such benefits are not offered in the hotels.

After looking at these areas, you will hopefully be able choose the hotels or apartments that will give you the best experience for your vacation. It might take some research, and you may not know exactly what you are getting yourself into, but at least you will have a better chance of finding a good place.

Places to Visit in Bangkok


There are a number of things that you can enjoy in Bangkok. In Bangkok, you can find a number of mansions made from solid teak wood, golden sparkling temples, and palaces as well as museums. There are also some elegant shopping locations that have endless fun and products. Here is a look at some of the places to go in Bangkok

• Escape Hunt Bangkok
This is the first place you would want to visit when you are in Bangkok. Here, there will be a number of escape games that allow you to enjoy the best in the place. The aim here is to complete the Escape Hunt, which is a leading activity in Bangkok.

There are different games at the Escape Hunt, which are called the escape games. Each of the games is private. For that, you will not mingle with any other group. In addition, the games have their own masters that are elected for each room. This master is meant to help guide the participants whenever they need their help. These games have been developed so that the participants can think critically and work as a team. The games will take an hour to complete, which will see you locked in a room and the clock will start running down.

There is a total of 6 games at the Escape Hunt and among them, 4 of them are on-site, while the other 2 are played in different scenarios. They have a murder mystery for the on-site games that was set about 100 years ago. The other two games were developed around 50 years ago. For these games, more than 5 people can take part in them and be sure of enjoying it to the fullest.


• Grand Palace
This place, along with the Wat PhraKaew are located on one compound. They are among the most valued attractions in Bangkok, which are well known for their beauty. The Wat PhraKaew is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and they have an elegant display for the country. The Thai craftsmanship is clearly displayed in these two places.


• Wat Arun
This is also called the Temple of the Rising Sun and it is one of the top areas you would want to visit in Bangkok. There are two flights of steps that go all the way to the main stupa. At the top, you will have a better view of the area, including the amazing river.


• Wat Pho
This is the home of the giant, Golden Reclining Buddha. Also, here is where the Original Thai massage originated from. The scene is amazing and you will not want to miss the chance of visiting the place.


• Vimanmek Mansion
This is among the top places of the Royal Thai Family. It also has the biggest Golden taekwondo statue in the whole world. In addition, it is located near a museum, so you are sure of enjoying the surroundings and the area itself.

Any of these areas is the best places to be, but the Escape Hunt is where you will be sure of having unending fun. There is a lot of option to choose from the Escape Hunt and the other Thai culture-filled places.

Interested in the Best Travel Tips?


For those folks out there who travel regularly, or are looking forward to, it wouldn’t hurt a bit if you considered a few travel tips that could help in making your travel even more amazing, would it? The list could be long that you won’t have time to read and digest them all, so we go for the most basic ones.

  1. Less Luggage

Make sure you don’t overburden yourself with loads of luggage that you won’t need but would end up making your trip expensive. Take what you not what need want.

  1. Take time to choose your seat-mate

You should take into consideration of who you sit with, go for ones you think will be less disturbing, like through frequent trips to the washroom. Avoid seats with kids at all costs.

  1. Make private homes your abode.

Nowadays most holiday makers are making private homes their places of rest.

  1. Go for vegetarian diet on a plane

You want to have something that will decrease the chances of being jet lagged? Vegetarian diet does the trick.

  1. Tag along with your ear plugs.

Sleep won’t come easy in a noisy hotel or plane. Good idea when your ear plugs are at hand. Will go a long way in helping you keep that noise at a bare minimum to be able to catch some sleep.

  1. Internet device should be your companion. A great link to your bank accounts and travel bookings. You can also catch some news updates from back home.
  2. Double check before you leave

When leaving a place for another make sure you have everything that you may need. Haste makes waste remember, so double check your stuff to avoid regrets of forgetting to check.

  1. Look for the best exchange rate

Shop around for the cheapest exchange rates. The hotels can be expensive so go for the best rates out there.

  1. No carrying loads of cash around.

Use ATMs, instead of walking around with pocketfuls of banknotes it can be tedious especially where in developing countries where inflation rules.

10.Travel insurance

Very important to have it, so that whenever things go the other way you will not end up losing a lot of money.

  1. Plan your travels

When you are in-charge of your itinerary you will get a chance to enjoy your holidays and travels even more. Remember you are there to enjoy so, take charge.

  1. Avoid being in hurry

Don’t just be in a hurry to get somewhere, if possible use the longest way in the end you will enjoy and discover more this way. There you have it, some of the best travel tips that you should surely put into practice.

Oh the Places You’ll Go


Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. But it can also be a rather stressful experience when you’re dashing down the street after the bus you need to the airport, screaming for it to stop. Those experiences are sometimes unavoidable, but there are some things you can do make your trip a safer experience. Here are some useful travel safety tips:

Important Documents

Always have a copy of your passport. If you ever lose your passport in the wilds of Bora Bora, you want to make sure you can get home. Have multiple copies of important documents hidden around you, from your wallet to your luggage. That way, if your luggage gets misplaced or your wallet gets stolen, you have backup copies if you need it.

Carry Cash

Make sure you have cash. In a lot of countries, you can’t use a debit card or a credit card as payment. Being stuck on the side of the road in Washington during the off season is not fun! Always carry cash, and if you can, take some out at the airport or exchange some before you go. The airport will not give you the best exchange rates, but it’s better than being stuck on a Sunday afternoon, when all the banks are inconveniently closed. To get the best exchange rate, try a bank. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund of cashed stashed somewhere just in case your wallet’s lost or stolen. A great hiding place is an empty chap stick container.

Just roll up some bills and stick them in there, and you’ll have a small, secret, and crafty home for your emergency fund.

Paying with a Foreign Credit or Debit Card

lf you do find yourself paying with your credit or debit card, the card reader may ask you to pay in the local currency or your home currency. Choose the local currency! The exchange rate will be more favorable to you; if you choose to pay in your home currency, you may end up paying more.

Don’t Look Like a Tourist

One of the best ways to avoid negative attention is to avoid looking like a tourist. Try to blend in as much as possible. Don’t wear t-shirts with sports teams or universities on them; it’s a dead giveaway that you’re not from around here. When in doubt, pack clothing without any words on them. Wearing sneakers with socks is also a very American identifier. One of the best security measures you can take is looking like you belong. If that’s not possible, act like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Common taxi scams are taking passengers around in circles or on the “scenic route”. If you can, figure out the fare price to your destination before you take a taxi; that way you know approximately how much a ride should cost. Some hotels and most hostels will list how much a taxi costs from the airport or bus station.

Watching Your Belongings

Make sure if you’re out in public you always keep your bag near you; if it’s on the ground or on the table next to you it can be easy to grab. Keep your bag zippered at all times. It’s easy to pickpocket someone in a crowd if their bag is open. Don’t count your money out in the open, and never advertise how much money you have.

Trust the Locals!l

f you’re in a country that may have questionable food safety practices look out for where the local area. If you see a crowded place, chances are the food’s good and safe! Authentic local food can be the absolute best, so strike out away from the tourist sections and find your Food Nirvana. Be Respectful and Courteous.

Remember that you are visiting a different country that may have a very different culture. Try to do some research about the cultural norms, polite behavior, and taboo topics or actions. While you may find something strange, remember that this isn’t your culture so be respectful and keep an open mind! As long as you’re excited and open for some new experiences, people will welcome you So stay safe and have fun on your traveling adventure!